Mercury Safety

Safe Mercury Removal

We believe that dentistry should be holistically inclined, biologically based, and not have an impact on the general health of each patient. Because of its inferior properties and the potential for mercury release, long ago, we decided not to use mercury-silver filling material. For the past three years, we have employed specific practices to minimize mercury exposure to our patients, ourselves and the environment during removal and replacement:

  1. Utilization of a highly efficient suction system to prevent any ingestion of mercury particles or vapor. This can include the use of a rubber dam, an Isolite Systems throat isolator, or other devices that protect vital structures.
  2. Cut the silver – mercury restoration in large pieces to minimize the generation of vapors and particulate.
  3. Use large amounts of water during the removal.
  4. Protect our patients and ourselves from water and vapor discharge with disposable gowns.
  5. Provide our patients with a mercury free air source during removal.
  6. Protect ourselves with the use of charcoal filtered respirators.
  7. Use highly efficient vapor removal systems in the operating field.
  8. Protect the environment using approved recycling equipment that will collect silver and mercury contaminants.