3 Simple Keys to Oral-Systemic Health

Do you ever feel like each time you visit the dentist you walk out with a new problem to fix?

Do you ever feel like, despite your best efforts, your teeth are aging faster than you are?

We recognize these common frustrations and employ a simple structure with three basic keys to help people achieve a mouth that feels great and that they feel great about.

The basic structure is a pyramid with one specific goal at each tier.  Our patients progress up the pyramid at their own pace, each tier moving them closer to their long-term goals and a mouth that contributes to their health in every way.

The first tier is Gums and Bone and the key to health is No Infections.  Eliminating gum disease and root canal infections means more than fresh breath and the promise of keeping your teeth.  We now have level A scientific evidence proving that both are an important cause of heart attack and stroke.  Both are also highly associated with other conditions such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and pre-term labor.  Most troubling of all is that both conditions can exist painlessly for years, quietly pumping bacteria into the body and destroying the foundation of your mouth.

The next step is Tooth health and the key to achieve this is the Elimination of All Openings in Teeth.  The enamel is the armor of the tooth that prevents bacteria from penetrating into the deeper layers causing decay and root canal infections.  Cavities, cracks, wear, and leaking fillings all present pathways for harmful bacteria to breach the enamel and cause problems.  Repairing the openings at the earliest stage possible is the key.

The next tier is the Bite and the key finding in a healthy mouth is that the Teeth are Not Wearing Down.  Tooth wear is the key sign of a chewing system breaking down and can be accompanied by sensitivity, gum recession, facial pain, and fractured teeth among other things.  As the teeth wear and flatten it requires more force to chew our food increasing the amount of stress on the entire system.  Controlling these forces is the key.  For those suffering from tooth wear or associated TMJ / muscle pain, dysfunction or esthetic concerns, the key is to isolate the causes and reverse the progress of bite disease.

Its a simple, holistic approach to help our patients become as healthy and disease-free as they choose to become!