Our mission is to provide engaging holistic and biological dentistry‚Äč experiences that empower individuals to live longer and live better by gaining control over the oral causes of systemic diseases.

A New Direction For Holistic and Biological Dentistry Health

Howard Dental Center is the office of Brian Wackwitz, DDS. We are located in Howard, WI and have served Howard, Suamico, Pulaski and Green Bay, WI for over 25 years. We are an integrative practice combining traditional and holistic care. We are relationship-based and health-centered because we believe that the very best care can only be delivered when the whole person is involved. This is why we place a heavy emphasis on the oral-systemic link. The research is clear. Mouth-body health plays a significant role in preventing heart attack, stroke, diabetes and many other chronic diseases. We are also sensitive to the role the mouth-body connection plays in the materials that we use. We are a mercury-free and mercury-safe practice. This means we do not use Mercury amalgam fillings and we take special precautions when removing Mercury fillings.

In this age of large clinics and mass produced health care, we think you will find our approach unique. We do not run from room to room seeing multiple patients at a time, as we do not believe that a quality dental experience can be mass produced. We spend as much time as you need at each appointment to insure your comfort and the quality of treatment provided.

Many patients come to us wondering why their teeth keep decaying, breaking, wearing down, and falling out. It is usually because they have never experienced a process that helps them to understand the causes of their problems and design solutions.

Your first visit in our office will be for a complete new patient examination with Dr. Wackwitz so that we, together, can completely understand your current level of health, as well as what you want it to be. Our goal is to help you create the future that you envision.

We are proud members of The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and certified in Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.

Howard Dental Center provides exceptional dental care in a friendly, professional environment

Sara K. January 17, 2017