Heart-Healthy Hygiene

We are keenly aware of the link between dental disease and systemic diseases like diabetes, heart attack, cancer and stroke.  In fact, we now have level A scientific evidence that oral bacteria are a key CAUSE of atherosclerosis. We are here to help! With a simple test through OraVital, we can specifically determine if any of the associated periodontal bacteria are present in someone’s mouth and design a customized solution to get rid of them.

But, our hygiene program is not just about treating disease, it’s about achieving and then maintaining wellness. The mantra of “Get Well, Stay Well” follows the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

In the past, you may have been a passive participant in your hygiene visit while the hygienist diligently worked away on your mouth. Year after year, you received the same cleaning at the same interval of 3, 4, or 6 months – and the same lecture on brushing and flossing.

  • What if you could become so healthy that you didn’t need excessive scraping of your teeth?
  • What if you became so healthy that you we told you we didn’t have to see you as often because you were doing so well on your own?
  • What if we didn’t lecture you on proper home care, because you felt empowered to make your own decisions on its role in achieving your goals?

Welcome to Health-Centered Hygiene!

We engage each person in their own care through the power of Dental Fitness Examinations – a powerful communication tool to help each patient understand their present level of health. We help each person to become involved in determining the best path for their care and the best steps to take for their daily home care.

Programs are customized to the individual needs, goals and values of each individual, helping us to assure the proper level of care is given to each person – not over-treating, and also not missing opportunities to help them become healthier. In our experience, and in the experience of other offices that follow this approach, individuals who are able to stay 90-100% free of plaque and bleeding gums rarely develop gum disease or cavities.