Insurance and Financials

Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others. – Saint Augustine

A note from Dr. Brian: “I did not purchase a practice to get rich. I did so to achieve the freedom needed to offer our people superior value in dental care. We would not be able to serve people in the way that we do in a large corporate environment.

But just because we are a small practice, that does not mean we are exclusive. Your budget – from all sources including insurance – is an important component of your care. While budget and insurance may determine the pace at which you achieve your goals, we do not want them to stand in the way of achieving your ultimate vision for health. This is why we emphasize long-range planning.

Our sincere intent with promoting a long-range perspective is to help you need the least amount of dental treatment over your lifetime and to eventually arrive at a place where you are beyond the need for dental insurance and the worry of dental problems. We believe that this is achievable, but only through the type of partnership and mutual participation that a health-centered practice like ours can offer.”

To help you in that direction we offer several financial options:

  • PAYMENT IN FULL with cash, check, debit, or credit card. We offer a 5% discount to patients 62 years of age and over paying with cash or a check.
  • INTEREST FREE PAYMENT PLAN with Care Credit for amounts over $500.00.
  • PRE-AUTHORIZED CREDIT OR DEBIT PAYMENTS for up to 3 months for amounts over $1000.00.
  • DENTAL INSURANCE: we will accept insurance payment with credit or debit card on file. Financial arrangements will be made for co-payments. We ask all co-payments be paid on the date of service.