1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something


Those of us who place Faith in something greater than ourselves know the power that this act can have in our lives.  In my experience and in observation of others, Faith in God or faith in a more general sense gives one the power to do three things:

  1. to forgive what was?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. to confront what is
  3. to love all that could be

Faith exercised in the present gives the power to heal the past and the freedom to create the future.  It gives us the capacity to accept our present time as the only time that we have to act, and the courage to confront the Truth. Placing your faith in our dental practice is really just placing faith in yourself.  Because, when you do you gain the power to:

  1. move beyond the experiences and frustrations of the past
  2. confront the truth about the present state of your health
  3. create an intensely positive and optimistic vision for your future

It’s true that this may be more difficult for some than for others.  Maybe the past experiences weigh too heavily, maybe the present state of health is insurmountable.  Why, then, dare to dream of a brighter future? 

Sometimes the greatest value in a vision is not achievement of every detail of its initial imagining.  Sometimes the best reason to have a vision is because it gives us the journey (a journey that you no longer have to walk alone),  And it is the journey that gives us one thing that we could all use: HOPE.